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Anchor: Plate (Painted Finish)

No. 62250 and No. 62401 Plate Anchors are equipped with an adapter permitting their use with 5/8 inch and
3/4 inch (16 and 19 mm) diameter Anchor Rods. To use with 1 inch (25.4 mm) diameter rods, knock adapter free
with hammer. Ultimate strength is for Anchor only. Pull out strength of Anchor in soil is significantly less.
No. 62399 includes a rod guide.

Catalogue Number MC Nominal Size in inMax. Diagonal Dimen. inArea sq. in.Min. Rod Dia. inMax. Rod Dia. inMin. Ultimate Strength lbsAnchor Marking Standard Package Unit Weight lb
622501299116.0020.002500.621.003600016'' top side 20M512.8
624011581220.0024.004000.621.003600020'' top side 20M222.5
623998117820.0024.004001.001.255000020'' top 32M226.0
624001445020.0024.004001.001.255000020'' top side 32M225.0
624021445928.0034.507501.251.257000028'' top1262.0