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Fitting: Guy

Aluminum Alloy Guy Strut Fittings are used with 2 inch (50.8 mm) or 2 1/2 inch (63.5 mm) (I.P.S.) galvanized steel pipe.
The pole fitting, Catalogue Number 2056, is curved to fit the pole and is mounted with four 1/2-inch (12.7 mm) lag bolts for wood poles, or a 5/8'' (15.9 mm) machine bolt and washer through the centre hole for steel or concrete poles, ordered separately.
Catalogue Number 2057 Guy Fitting includes a Catalogue Number 7461 Guy Clamp which will accommodate single or double guys. When only one guy is used, the second clamp groove is filled with a short length of guy strand.

Both fittings are secured to the pipe by square head set screws.
Pipe is not included with Guy Strut Fittings.

Cat. No. MC Description Standard Package Unit Weight lb
205611969Pole Fitting102.0
205711970Guy Fitting104.2