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Step: Detachable- Standard Pole

The use of Detachable Pole Steps near the ground prevents unauthorized climbing. To install, slip the Plate which acts as a bearing surface for the step, over the head of the Lag and drive the Lag into the pole until the Plate bites into the wood. The Step slips down in grooves on each side of the Lag Bolt head. When the Step is removed only the rounded head of the Lag extends from the pole .

For steel poles, the lag head is welded to the plate. The plate has 3 holes for 1/4'' (6.4mm) tapping screws to mount to pole.

Cat. No. MC Description Extension From Pole inStandard Package Unit Weight lb
723411902Lag & Plate- Steel-1000.4
723511903Lag & Plate-Wood-1000.6