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Rod: Anchor -Thimble Eye

Thimble Eye Anchor Rods are furnished for use with one, two, three or four guys. The drop-forged eyes have a generous radius to take the guy strand without distorting it. No guy thimble is required. Each rod includes one heavy square nut.
Minimum thread length is two inches (50.8 mm). The length is stamped on each rod below the eye to aid in identification.

Other lengths available upon request.
These items do not meet Charpy Impact.

Type Cat. No. MC Thread Size inLength ftMaximum Strand Size inA inB inC inD inMinimum Breaking Strength lbsStandard Package Unit Weight lb
Double Eye8515116210.6250.370.620.620.940.561500055.9
Double Eye8516116220.6260.370.620.620.940.561500056.9
Single Eye8416131830.6260.370.620.500.840.621500056.8
Single Eye8417127430.6270.370.620.500.840.621500057.9
Double Eye8517116230.6270.370.620.620.940.561500058.0
Double Eye8518116240.6280.370.620.620.940.561500059.0
Single Eye8418131840.6280.370.620.500.840.621500058.9
Double Eye64525110580.7550.370.750.751.000.622300056.9
Double Eye8526116250.7560.370.750.751.000.622300058.2
Double Eye8527116260.7570.370.750.751.000.622300059.4
Double Eye8528116270.7580.370.750.751.000.6223000510.5
Double Eye8529116280.7590.370.750.751.000.6223000511.7
Double Eye8538116291.0080.441.
Double Eye8539116301.0090.441.
Triple Eye64536810351.0090.311.001.751.750.6936000225.8
Triple Eye64537811191.00100.311.001.751.750.6936000129.8
Double Eye8540116311.00100.441.
Quad Eye83723837231.2590.501.252.412.500.9770800138.0