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Guard: Cable

Cable Guards are supplied in Type A (unflanged) and Type B (flanged) designs. Type B fits over the duct at the ground and eliminates the need for an adapter.
They are formed from 14 gauge sheet steel and hot dip galvanized after fabrication for long service life.
They come complete with a grounding hole at the bottom end.

The 61812S has an 18'' (457 mm) extension welded to the flange for added clearance.
For Aluminium, add an 'A' to catalogue number.

Product Details

Cat. No. MC Type Size A inB ftStandard Package Unit Weight lb
2225511110Type A. without Flange3A x 50.755102.8
2225611111Type A. without Flange3A x 80.758104.4
2251015583Type A. without Flange3A x 30.753101.6
2252215584Type A. without Flange5A x
2225711112Type A. without Flange5A x 51.255104.7
2225811113Type A. without Flange5A x 81.25857.5
753211116Type A. without Flange9A x 52.25558.0
753311117Type A. without Flange9A x 82.258512.8
753411118Type A. without Flange13A x 53.255511.8
753511119Type A. without Flange13A x 83.258318.5
2225911120Type A. without Flange15A x 53.755312.9
2226011121Type A. without Flange15A x 83.758320.5
6065580982Type A. without Flange24A x 56.005221.1
6065680983Type A. without Flange24A x 86.008233.8
6181011114Type B: with Flange5B x 51.25555.5
6181111115Type B: with Flange5B x 81.25858.0
6181415783Type B: with Flange9B x 52.25538.8
6181515784Type B: with Flange9B x 82.258313.2
61812S81238Type B: with Flange13B x
6181215248Type B: with Flange13B x 53.255312.0
6181314083Type B: with Flange13B x 83.258319.0
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