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Compression: Deadend Assembly For ASC Conductor

Slacan two piece Compression Deadends are designed for use on ASC conductors.
They use standard CSA die sizes for the aluminum compression and meet CSA C57 test requirements.
The assemblies come complete with the jumper terminal and connecting hardware.
Die size and conductor sizes are stamped on the parts to ensure correct application.

Steel Terminals exceed CSA C83 Charpy Level 1.5

Conductor Size and Strand Designation Assy Cat. No. Assy MC No. CSA Die Size inNema Pad Holes Hole Ø Diameter Eye Thick T in
556.5, 19DAHLIAT1312-0130.0020.810.75
715.5, 37VOILETT1312-0232.0040.810.75
874.5, 37ANEMONE GOLDENRODT1312-039050034.0040.810.75
954, 61ANEMONE GOLDENRODT1312-039050034.0040.810.75
1113, 61MARIGOLDT1312-0436.0040.810.75
1272, 61NARCISSUST1312-0536.0040.810.75
1351.5, 61COLUMBINET1312-0636.0040.810.75
1750, 61JESSAMINET1312-079050438.0040.810.75
392.5, 19CANNAT1312-0828.0020.690.56
4000, 270T1312-10905073 3/4 HEX60.810.75