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Rod: Ground-Sectional

Sectional Steel Ground Rods are used to obtain low resistance grounds in areas where permanent moisture is a considerable distance below the surface.
The 3/4'' (19.1 mm) diameter rods have tapered ends which provide a tight friction fit in Couplings or Driving Point.

Installation can be made by hand or power-operated driver. The first section is driven to ground level and additional sections added until the desired depth is reached. Ground Rods, Couplings, and Driving Points are ordered separately.
Supplied ungalvanized as standard.
Galvanized available upon request add suffix ''G'' to Catalogue Number.
For rocky conditions, a higher strength version is available by adding suffix ''S'' to Catalogue Number.

Cat. No. MC Description Length ftStandard Package Unit Weight lb
6080614323Sectional Rod659.2
6080811054Sectional Rod8512.2
6081013710Sectional Rod10515.2