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Hook: Pressed Steel Guy

SLACAN formed steel Guy Hooks offer several advantages over conventional types.
They are designed for use with either down or head guys, and are also designed for steep angle guying (10°) without the guy strand slipping off the hook. A generous radius for the guy wire prevents kinking or injury to the strand. It is ideally suited for use with a Guying Deadend. Sharp teeth imbed in the wood and prevent slippage down the pole under load. For steel and concrete poles, the 2 Hole Guy Hook prevents turning while increasing the bearing surface.
When a single Guy Hook is mounted on the pole, the square head of the through bolt is trapped in the recessed section, preventing it from turning when the nut is tightened. For mounting on the opposite end of the through bolt the Guy Hook is furnished with an integral adapter that provides a bearing surface for the nut.

A separate adapter (Number 60628) is available for use on the nut end of the bolt.

Product Details

Cat. No. MC Description Bolt Size inBolt Size inYield Strength lbsStandard Package Unit Weight lb
6062415155Guy Hook Only0.6210000251.1
6062515156Guy Hook Only0.7512000251.1
60626A81010Guy Hook with Adapter0.620.7512000251.2
6062783589Guy Hook - 2 Hole0.7512000251.8
6062815157Adapter Only0.620.75120001000.1
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