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Rod: Ground

SLACAN Steel Ground Rods have strength and rigidity for driving into any kind of soil. All sizes are galvanized full length.
The wired rods have a 12 inch (305 mm) pigtail of No. 10 AWG copper wire firmly welded to the upper end. The free end of the wire is reduced in diameter to fit into a standard compression splicing sleeve for No. 14 AWG copper wire. The rod length is stamped near the top end of every rod.

Bare, ungalvanized rods available upon request.

Product Details

Description Cat. No. MC Diameter inLength ftStandard Package Unit Weight lb
No Pigtail, Slash Point9565117090.505103.4
No Pigtail, Slash Point9566117100.506103.9
No Pigtail, Slash Point9576117120.62656.4
No Pigtail, Slash Point9577117130.62757.5
No Pigtail, Slash Point9578117140.62858.6
No Pigtail, Slash Point9580117150.6210510.7
No Pigtail, Slash Point9336117160.75659.2
No Pigtail, Slash Point9338117170.758512.2
No Pigtail, Slash Point9340117180.7510515.2
No Pigtail, Taper Point9577S833020.62757.7
No Pigtail, Taper Point9578S833430.62858.6
No Pigtail, Taper Point9580S835970.6210510.7
No Pigtail, Taper Point9336S835930.75659.2
No Pigtail, Taper Point9338S835190.758512.2
No Pigtail, Taper Point9340S832250.7510515.2
Pigtail, Slash Point9505116980.505103.5
Pigtail, Slash Point9506116990.506104.2
Pigtail, Slash Point9516117010.62656.4
Pigtail, Slash Point9517117020.62757.5
Pigtail, Slash Point9518117030.62858.4
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