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Two Phase Angle Horizontal Pin Insulator Bracket

Cast Fittings: Ductile iron hot dip galvanized
Fiberglass Shaft: 2 inch (50.4 mm.) diameter fiberglass with ultraviolet protective coating
Insulator Threads: Lead —1 inch (25.4 mm.) diameter thread or 1.375 inch (34.9 mm.) diameter thread

To specify other lengths for (L), substitute length desired for suffix number (example: for 42 inch length 7580-3842).
To specify 1.375 inch diameter thread, add suffix 'X' to catalogue number (example: 7580-3848 X).s

Cat. No. MC Length L inMin. Ultimate Vertical lbsMin. Ultimate Longitudinal lbsMin. Ultimate Transverse Pin/Eye lbsUnit Weight lb