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Tool and Coil: Cable Lashing

Communication or electric service cable up to 1.25 inch (31.8 mm) diameter can be lashed to messenger wire with this Cable Lashing Tool No. 60693. It is used with a prewound coil of stainless steel Lashing Wire, No. 60664.
The Lashing Tool consists of a one-piece cast aluminum body with integral towing ring and a cup that holds the coil of
Lashing Wire. A tension spring assures tight spiral wraps of the wire.
No. 60664 Lashing Wire Coil contains 150 feet (45.7 m) of .045 inch (1.1 mm) diameter stainless steel wire (sufficient to
lash a span of 135 feet (41.1 m) of 1 inch (25.4 mm) diameter cable in a waxed cylinder 2 inches (50.8 m.m) in diameter by
13.5 inches (343 mm) long. The outside of the coil is marked in 10 foot (3.05 m) units to indicate the quantity of wire
remaining on a partially used coil. Coils can be joined by using a SLACAN No. 3-045B Nicopress Sleeve,
The Lashing Tool and Coil are assembled on the messenger as shown above and the units towed by a rope fastened to
the towing ring. Complete instructions for use accompany each Tool.

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