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Stud: Transmission Tower Ground

Tower Ground Studs are tapped on one end to thread onto a bolt on the tower leg, and provide a location to connect temporary ground clamps.
Catalogue Number T633 is double ended with 3/4'' (19 mm) and 5/8'' (16 mm) on opposite ends so one item can be used for either size tower bolt.

Installation Torque per CSA C83

Product Details

Cat. No. MC Current Thread Size UNC A dia inB dia inC inD inStandard Package Unit Weight lb
T557-18068025 KA5/8-111.130.632.507.38201.5
T557-28068125 KA3/4-101.130.632.507.38201.4
T557-38068255 KA5/8-111.441.002.507.38152.6
T557-48068355 KA3/4-101.441.002.507.38102.5
T557-58068455 KA5/8-111.441.005.009.88103.2
T557-68068555 KA3/4-101.441.005.009.88103.1
T557-78068655 KA5/8-111.471.257.0011.63104.4
T6338081155 KA5/8-11, 3/4-101.380.88Double End13.75103.8
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