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Strengthening Partnerships Through Innovation: Hydro One Visits Slacan Industries

Hydro One engineers toured Slacan Industries' facilities, observing skilled tradesmen, advanced robotics, rigorous quality assurance, and vertical integration in action.
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June 5th, we had the pleasure of hosting engineers from Hydro One at Slacan Industries. Their visit began with an extensive tour of our facilities, where they observed our skilled tradesmen hand-forging steel hardware, showcasing the artistry and precision that go into the manufacturing and quality of each part.

Our guests were particularly impressed by the integration of cutting-edge robotics in our manufacturing process. These innovative robots enhance efficiency and precision, underscoring our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

Quality assurance is paramount at Slacan. We demonstrated our rigorous three-phase quality control process, including a live demonstration of the Charpy test, which measures the impact resistance of our materials. This thorough in-house testing ensures that only the highest quality products leave our facility.

The tour also highlighted our state-of-the-art CNC machinery for designing and manufacturing our own forging dies, emphasizing our dedication to vertical integration. By maintaining control over every aspect of production, we guarantee superior quality and faster lead times for our customers.

Following the tour, we hosted a lunch where Hydro One’s engineers engaged in a lively Q&A session. This invaluable exchange of ideas allowed both parties to discuss ways to enhance our collaboration and better understand each other's current business landscapes.

The visit reinforced the importance of strong relationships between manufacturers and their customers. At Slacan, we are committed to fostering these connections and continually improving our processes to deliver the best possible products and services.

We look forward to many more collaborative opportunities with Hydro One and other valued partners, driving innovation and excellence in the utility hardware industry.