What we do

One of Canada’s largest manufacturers of Electrical Transmission, Distribution and Communication hardware.


For over 100 years, we have been supplying the Canadian and International Market with our quality hardware. Known for our ‘legendary quality’, we developed specific hardware that is able to withstand our Canadian extreme frigid weather and that provides superior durability.


Our expertise is relied upon by Utilities everywhere when encountering challenges with rough terrain, harsh weather conditions, river crossings, and when overall longevity of hardware is demanded.


Our in-house processes include Steel Forging, Hot & Cold Stampings and Casting, among many others; because of this we are able to provide to various other markets including OEM, Agricultural, and Mining.


As a North American Manufacturer, we are able to deliver quality and value with the flexibility to accommodate short lead-time. Our catalog only shows some of the most common items used. However, we offer much more, such as custom design and manufacturing any of your requirements.

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slacan icons-01.png    TRANSMISSION HARDWARE


Complete range of Suspension, Deadend, Guying, Anchoring and Vibration Suppression systems

Since 1912, Slacan has been involved in the development, testing, design and supply of the complete range of Suspension, Deadend, Guying, Anchoring and Vibration Suppression systems both as a manufacturer and as consultants to the utility market. View our catalogue for selected offerings. We offer custom design, assembly packaging, etc. to suit your needs. Contact us for further details.



distribution.png     Distribution hardware


Slacan provides a complete line of power distribution hardware, from the substation to the service drop.


Our extensive catalogue shows the most common products used in the distribution of Utility Power to all residents. Although not specified, many products can be made to meet low temperature ductility (Charpy V notch) requirements. Contact us if you need something not found in the catalogue.


Find in-depth product information on our Interactive Distribution Product Poster:


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communication.png     COMMUNICATION HARDWARE


Slacan produces a complete line of hardware for the telephone and cable companies used on their overhead and underground installations. This includes devices for anchoring, guying, termination, suspension and grounding.


We have been supplying Bell and other Telecom companies for over 60 years with their Communication Poleline & Underground requirements.


We offer much more than what’s in our catalogue; such as custom design and manufacturing to any of your requirements.


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The processes used to make Utility hardware provide us with the knowledge to help our OEM customers with their component design. We partner with OEM’s, as well as companies in agricultural and mining industries to deliver quality solutions that work. Our core capabilities are steel forging and hot stamping, but we also provide a complete one-stop source for the various finishing processes needed to make the component.


SLACAN Industries Inc. - Supplying the Canadian and International Market with our quality hardware.



stampings.png     Sub-stations


Slacan has designed and supplied substations for the North American market for more than 20 years, from 7.5 KV to 230 KV, and for use in applications such as mines, utilities, windfarms, and industrial firms.

Our design, manufacturing, inspection and testing of assemblies ensures you will have no fit problems on-site. We use standardized, modular punching on lattice structures to minimize design effort, while maximizing flexibility for mountings and future expansion.


Find more information in our Sub-Station document 



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