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Connector: Ground Pipe to Cable

An economical ground connector for joining a single cable parallel to pipe. Body is formed from steel plate and is hot-dip galvanized. Supplied with galvanized steel U-bolts, nuts and lockwashers.
Commonly used for fence grounding.

Product Details

Cat. No. MC NPS Pipe Size Cable Range W inJ inD in
GPSF166063960391 1/4 IPSMIN. 2/0 Max. 3003.133.312.06
GPSF1900631 1/2 IPSMIN. 2/0 Max. 3003.383.252.38
GPSF238063960402 IPSMIN. 2/0 Max. 3003.883.882.75
GPSF350063960413 IPSMIN. 2/0 Max. 3005.005 .063.88
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